The Youth Travel Ambassadors were awarded £250 by TfL!

The Youth Travel Ambassadors were awarded £250 by Transport for London to run a Road Safety Awareness campaign for students in 6e, 5e and 4e. Idris from TfL is helping students to achieve this goal, and he, Fiona (from TfL) and Mme Knowland from the English department were there to assess the students' Pitch Presentation and decide whether they would be awarded the full amount. Happily, they were!
The YTAs will be running several activities and a competition in the coming weeks to promote road safety - particularly pedestrian safety, which is an issue for students in the Lycée. The students have already delivered a presentation for other students in 5e on Pedestrian Safety, as part of this project to become Transport for London 'YTA's.  Students should keep their eyes peeled for a special competition in the next two weeks!