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During our AS session 18.00 – 20.00 we welcomed a team from Winston Churchill School, Wembley. The visitors are coached by a Premiere girl student, Elisa Krabchi. They are a boys team comprised of students from 2nde and Premiere. We used the opportunity to give the girls and boys involved in the Thursday AS Volleyball Groups a competitive fixture. The results were as follows.

LFCG Girls Team 1   14 v 21  Winston Churchill

LFCG Junior Boys Team   15  v 12  Winston Churchill

LFCG Premiere Boys   15 v 11  Winston Churchill

LFCG Terminal Boy   15  v  10  Winston Churchill

LFCG Girls Team 2   16 v  21  Winston Churchill




Congratulations to the Lycee Under 15 boys who took part in the Richmond boys Volleyball tournament on Saturday 21st January.

11 teams took part and the Lycee won their 6 games to reach the final where they lost narrowly (21-19) to an experienced Richmond team.


Lycee team:

Paul Adrien Rodriguez 

Maxim Mounier

Pierre Huteau

Leo de Maigret          (All 3eme boys)


SUNDAY 22ND  JANUARY London Under 18 Girls Volleyball League


There are very few girl school teams in London that we are able to play due to availability of space and students. So to get more competitive fixtures for the Girls we have entered a team into the London Under 18 Girls Volleyball League. This is a club competition with teams comprised of keen and able students from several schools in areas all over London including Wandsworth, Richmond, Westminster and Barnet.

There are 10 teams in the league, LFCG is the only school, and the competition is played as a series of triangular fixtures (3 teams) with each team hosting one weekend.

The Lycee team is comprised of the girls involved in AS ranging from 4eme to Terminal


Match              Team               Sets        v          Team               Sets

1                      LFCG                 2          v          Barnet               0

2                      Barnet               1            v          Polonia            2

3                      LFCG                1             v          Polonia            2


The girls played well in parts of all the matches but must learn to eliminate the simple unforced errors as in both cases it resulted in the loss of sets that the LFCG could have won.