TAL Farewell Party


TAL students were invited to attend a Farewell Party on Wednesday 24th May in the canteen to celebrate the end of their time in the British Section. They were welcomed by Mr McNaught, Mme Feurtet and the Vie Scolaire team as well as some of their tutors and teachers who came to bid them farewell. They also had the opportunity to meet members of the Associations des Anciens and sign up for the annuaire. 

Hadi Cullen-Jaafar and Chloe Ridsdill-Smith, the student délégués, had organised a quiz testing their classmates’ knowledge about the Lycée, their time here and other general knowledge. Students and teachers took part and showed their competitive nature. Scores were close but Eden, Benjamin, Lucas, Camille and Ariane (pictured) won the prize! The Associations des Anciens very kindly donated the Livre souvenir du Centenaire for the winning team.

Entertainment had also been planned to mark the occasion. TAL students enjoyed a surprise by Jo Sapim, a PAL student, who performed the song that won him a prize in this year’s Talent show. Maria Burbidge-King and Lauren Morley-Fletcher also performed a song on the piano for their classmates and Joey Khodari gave a rousing speech to his classmates and teachers. 

Vie scolaire had also prepared a little surprise for students. Every one of them was featured in a game of Who’s Who with a twist and they each received a certificate of achievement for being grown up enough to leave us. 

A big thank you to Nicolas Meunier and his team for producing a lovely and very tasty cake for students and staff to enjoy during the party (pictured).

Finally, Mr McNaught gave an encouraging speech to the students before they met in the primary playground for group photos and a last farewell. 



Aurelien Alexandre (délégué CVL) and Chloe Ridsdill-Smith (TAL délégué)



Hadi Cullen-Jaafar, TAL délégué and Quizmaster



Eden, Benjamin, Lucas, Camille and Ariane – The winning team



Joey Khodari, TAL student, giving his goodbye speech to classmates and teachers



Ms Knowland and students



Dr Carr and his History students



TAL Students