School /Family communication:                                                                                                                                

The school office and the Head Teacher’s office will communicate with you via electronic mail. The headmaster’s letter to parents (see below) will keep you regularly informed. Teachers can meet with parents at school, but we kindly ask that you make an appointment in writing (post or e-mail). Beforehand, please refrain from disturbing them in the morning, as they are in charge of their classes. From the classroom, teachers will communicate with you via e-mail or via the contact book (cahier de liaison). It is imperative that you frequently update your telephone details as well as your e-mail addresses through the enrolment server of the Lycée. You must remain reachable at all times. Finally, important, and at times urgent information is systematically conveyed via the Lycée’s website.

Information pertaining to Marie d’ Orliac Primary School can be consulted on our blog:

Please consult the letters to parents and the bilingual newsletters of Marie d’Orliac Primary School.

► Launched in Oct. 2015, FRANCE MATER RADIO, the radio from the nursery classes at Marie d'Orliac.