Our secondary school and British section together comprise approximately 2000 pupils on the South Kensington site. Lessons take place in the Chateaubriand building for Year 11 to Sixth Form (lycée 2nd-termianle) pupils, in the Victor Hugo (3rd and 4th floor) and Molière building for Years 7 to 10 (collège 6e-3e).                                                                                                                                                                                    

The British section occupies all of the Maurois building (Click for school map here in FR).                                                                                         

This section will also give you information about classes, the teaching of languages and on the reforms (decided by the French Ministry for Education) for the schooling of  Years 11 to Sixth Form; as well as information on school and P.E rules, important reforms and finally our contact details.

The classes for the 2016/2017 school year are divided as followes:                                                   

Years 7 to 10 - Collège level                                                                                                                                                                

  • 10, for Year 7 classes (6e)                                                                                                                                     
  • 10, for Year 8 classes (5e)                                     
  • 10, for Year 9 classes (4e)                                                                                                                                     
  • 9, for Year 10 classes (3e)


Years 11 to Sixth Form - Lycée level

  • 8, for Year 11 classes (2nde)
  • 9, for Year 12 classes (1ere)
  • 11, for Sixth Form classes (Terminale)


British Section

  • 2, for Year 10 GCSE classes
  • 2, for Year 11 GCSE classes
  • 2, for Year 12 AL classes (PAL)
  • 2, for Sixth Form AL classes (TAL)


  • Teaching of modern languages

  • English is taught as a first foreign & mandatory language at all levels. Pupils are also offered two educational paths upon starting Year 7:  a multilingual path and an international (bilingual) path with a special focus on English. The languages that are taught as a second modern language at our school are: German, Spanish, Italian and Russian.


    Présentation de la section internationale                           


  • This second language (first is LV1) can be taken as early as Year 7 in the multilingual path: help in choosing another modern language LV2 in Year 7 (6e).
  • A third language (from a choice of German, Spanish or Arabic) can also be studied in certain scenarios in 4e (Year 9) i.e for those in the multilingual path only and who do not take other languages options)

- To get all the information on the teaching of languages from Year 7 to Sixth Form, read the Modern Languages Project.
- For all explanations on ECLA, DNL, European sections, etc: frequently asked questions

  • PE lessons : rules to know through the school year
    PE are taught all year long. For Middle School (11-14 years old) pupils need to get their PE kits preordered for the first class (Tshirt, pair of shorts, ect.) Please find here, all important information and also how to order sportwear.

  • Reforming Years 11 to Sixth Form
    In application of the reforms for Years 11 to Sixth Form initiated by the French Ministry for National Education, Year 11 underwent some changes at the start of the 2010 school year. This reform was extended to Year 12 in September 2011, and then to Sixth Form in 2012. 


  • High School

Personalised support (l'AP)

► La classe de seconde (applicable Sept. 2017)

Horaires applicables

After Year 11 - How to enter General Year 11


Exploration teachings in Year 11 - 2nde

    - Literature and society
    - Cinema
    - Drama
    - Scientific methodology and practice
    - Music
    - Economics and Social Sciences
    - Arts (pending)

Teaching hours in Year 11 and above

 ► L'option facultative Théâtre


For further information

Visit the Eduscol website (National portal for education professionals) or the French Ministry for National Education website.

► Other reforms: Art History Exam in Year 10 (3e) - DNB (see document opposite)