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The results for 2016/2017 are available here.


IGCSE 2017/2018


Présentation de l'IGCSE

Learner Guide (useful for Seconde students)

Wednesday May 9th 2018 pm: IGCSE English exam, Reading Paper 2 (French Section and OIB students)

Friday 11th May 2018 pm: IGCSE English exam, Writing Paper 3 (French Section and OIB students)




► Epreuves anticipées de 1ere

To be announced


► Epreuves de Terminale


EPS - Epreuves du Baccalauréat 2018

Évaluation du Baccalauréat en EPS (1er trimestre)

Organisation des cours d'EPS - Terminales





                  To be announced


                  To be announced





► IMPORTANT : UK University Letter Information for terminales