Procedures & Policies

 Financial regulation applicable to all the schools of the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle

 Financial regulation: 09/06/2016


Procedures & policies of the school

  1. Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
  2. Tri Borough Safeguarding Child Protection
  3. School Anti Bullying Policy
  4. Equal Opportunities Policy
  5. Data Protection Policy
  6. Procedure for handling complaints from parents
  7. Internal Appeals Procedure
  8. IT Charter for pupils and staff
  9. Use of social media
  10. Dealing with allegations of abuse against staff Policy
  11. Fair Processing Notice: Audio or Visual Recordings and Photographs
  12. Procedure for lost property for secondary school (FR-English)
  13. Staff Behaviour Policy (ENG)
  14. Food Allergy Management Policy


Other information


School rules 

Etablissements - schools French English
Ecole André Malraux Réglement intérieur School Rules
Ecole Marie d'Orliac Réglement intérieur School Rules
Ecole de Wix Réglement intérieur School Rules
Ecole de South Kensington Réglement intérieur School Rules
Collège, Lycée et British Section Réglement intérieur 2016 School Rules 2016