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Scholarships and Grants: for information see Cnous: Link to French Consulate


L'Onisep (French National Education and Career Service)

  • To research careers, training and education see which includes:
    • diagrams of Higher Education structures in France
    • schools and Higher Education information from French local education authorities
    •  information sheets for download by degree subject for universities in the Paris region  
    • online shop for Onisep guides
    • study options after the French Baccalaureate


  • Bac L (French Baccalaureate – Literature stream)

What can I do with a Bac L ?

  • Bac ES (French Baccalaureate – Economics and Social Science stream)

What can I do with a Bac ES ?

  • Bac S (French Baccalaureate – Science stream )

What can I do with a Bac. S ?


"Mon orientation en ligne" online service :
Onisep’s career advisers/psychologists offer pupils of French lycées abroad and their parents a free and personalised service whereby they can get answers via e-mail, chat and phone to their questions about study options and professions in France.

Studying in France after the Baccalaureate
Brochure AEFE/Campus France

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Find out about schools and universities with a live platform
A Campus-channel

Enrichment activities at "summer schools"
A Sciences Po

► CIDJ (Youth Information & Documentation Centre) (can be accessed from the Lycée’s computers or from home via the library's portal: Esidoc, ask your librarian for your login)

► L’ Etudiant – French government website on university life, on student finance, training, mobility, etc.

► C.N.E.D  (Distance learning centre) – official site for correspondence courses and training programmes appropriate for all ages.
► Resources from the Careers Department of the Lycee in St-Germain-en-Laye’s:

Documents for Lyceens – Seconde to Terminale (UK Years 11 – 13)

  1. After standard Year 11 or Year 11: technology section
  2. What can I do with a bac pro in Business or Sales ?
  3. Description of bac S.T.M.G. : Management sciences & technologies
  4. After a bac S.T.M.G.
  5. The BTS (technology and science diploma)
  6. The D.U.T (university degree in technology)
  7. The D.C.G. Accounting and management degree
  8. The I.E.P.( elite political science university)
  9. Preparatory classes for elite universities
  10. Preparatory classes for elite universities at bac+2 years level
  11. Selective post baccalauréat Engineering Schools
  12. Post bac business schools
  13. Available Professions for elite Management School graduates