Governing Bodies and Dialogues

The governing bodies for dialogue and consultation at our school are modelled on those of primary and secondary schools in France. 

At the classroom level                                                                                                                                        

Dialogue occurs in several different ways:            

  • Parents/Lycée relations take place on a personal basis as well as through APL and ACE-LFL (parents’ associations) representatives.
  • In all secondary school classes, a “main teacher”, (or “Tutor” in the British Section) is in charge of liaising between other teachers, pupils, parents and the school’s administration.
  • At the end of the 1st  term, teachers/parents meetings are organised to assess pupils’ progress.   
  • Pupils’ elected representatives represent their class, their section or the secondary school at the school board meeting. The Head Teacher and the Senior Educational Advisors regularly organise a Pupils’ Representatives Meeting. 
  • Pupils’ and parents’ representatives attend Pupil Progress Meetings, also called 'Conseil de Classe'.


At the school section level
Primary school Heads and Senior Educational Advisers provide an educational liaison with parents and teachers. Senior Educational Advisers drive the daily school life.


Primary School Board Meetings
They are composed of members of the administration, of teachers and parents who convene at least once every term and voice their opinion on the functioning of primary schools.
You can read the minutes of primary school board meetings here:


Secondary School Board meeting
It contributes to the smooth running of the Secondary School and expresses its opinion on educational matters which are subsequently discussed during the School Board Meeting. Minutes 08/01/2015


The Committee for Secondary School Life - CVL

What is the CVL ?


The School Board Meeting - CE
The School board meeting has an important role. It has proven necessary to adapt its composition and attributes to an education community that is more complex and diverse than in France. It convenes every term and contributes efficiently to the Lycée’s educational policies as well as ensuring its prestigious standing. Minutes of previous School Board Meetings are available on the right side of this page.