School Fees



  • Bank transfers: download our bank details. It is essential to specify in the reference the name and the class of the child in question when making the bank transfer.                                                                                                                              
  • At the start of the school year, should you opt in or out of school meals, this choice is binding for the entire school year.                    
  • The school year is divided into 3 accounting terms: September to December (4 months), January to March (3 months) and April to June (3 months)                                                            
  • Every term which is started by the pupil is due.
  • Places at the school cannot be reserved in advance.
  • First registration fees are non refundable, even if you forgo your place.


► IBAN Bank details of the school

► 2016-2017 fees

 2017-2018 fees

 Décision n°17-2016 (Droits de scolarité année 2016-2017)

► Décision n°8 - publiée le 16.12.2016

► Décision n°6 - 2016 (droits de scolarité 2017-2018)