A message to our penfriends from Greenford Highschool

Site de South Kensington
Our penfriends from Greenford Highschool came to visit us on Wednesday, January 18th. They arrived at 10:15AM and after introducing ourselves we went for a Maths Challenge in French and in English. It was fun but also a bit difficult! Then, we invited them for lunch at the canteen. Some of them had never had French food before so it was a real experience. They seemed to have enjoyed it a lot! At 1PM, we walked to the Natural History Museum where Mrs Wagner had prepared a quiz in the Creepy Crawlies gallery. At 2:30pm, we said goodbye and took a group photo. We had prepared some goodie bags filled with exciting gifts from the Lycée Français.
It was a wonderful day and we are now looking forward to visiting them in the spring!
Ioanna 6.6, Alexandre 6.3, Héloïse 6.10, Constantin 6.8