Orientation : UCAS process

► Frequently ask questions about UCAS applications. Toutes les questions sur les applications UCAS pour la poursuite d'études supérieures au Royaume-Unis.
You may find the following videos on replying to offers on the UCAS helpful : UCAS Offers & Replys

Once you start to receive your offers, you may find this guide useful with your next steps.

When will the Lycee send my application to the universities or colleges of my choice?

Once you have completed your part of the application and you have "paid & sent", your application will be sent to UCAS as soon as all references have been received and prepared and your existing and predicted grades have been checked.

When will I start getting offers from my university choices?

If you applied by 15 January, your choices can make decisions at any point after your application has been processed up until 10 May at the latest. However, UCAS ask them to try to make all their decisions by 31 March.
It can take some time between initial application to receiving a decision from some universities and colleges. If you have not heard anything and are concerned in the approach to the deadline, you should contact the relevant institutions.
Our guide above may help you with your next steps once you start to receive replies from the institutions.

What should I do if I get an invitation from universities and colleges asking me to attend for interview or to provide a portfolio of work?

• Respond as soon as possible to set up a date.
• Research what the interview is likely to consist of or check what is expected of the portfolio and discuss with your Art Teacher.
• Practise some interview questions.
• If you want to, book a meeting at the CIO or see your Tutor to discuss.

What should I do when I get an offer letter?

• Make sure you check the details of any offers carefully as soon as they are received. If there is something you do not understand contact the relevant institution immediately.
• If you are unsure which offers to accept or decline, book an appointment at the CIO.
• Reply to the offers by the deadline in Track.

What should I do if I don't get any offers?

• Make an appointment to come the CIO. There are a number of options including using UCAS EXTRA.

Why can’t I log in to Apply?

First check you're in the correct section - log in to Apply if you're still completing your application, and log in to Track if you've sent your application and received a welcome letter from us.
Try typing the login details in rather than copying and pasting. You can also use the login reminder service on the Apply page. Log in details are case sensitive so enter them exactly as they were displayed when you registered.

Why can’t I log in to Track?

First check you're in the correct section - log in to Apply if you're still completing your application, and log in to Track if you've sent your application and received a welcome letter from us. You’ll find your Personal ID and username at the top of your welcome letter, and you use the password you chose when you registered to use Apply. Login details are case sensitive and your Personal ID should be entered without any spaces or dashes.

How can I get my login details if I have lost them?

Your Personal ID and username are on all of the letters UCAS sent to you. You can also use the UCAS login reminder service on Track and Apply

Can I amend my personal statement?

You can’t update your personal statement once it’s been submitted to UCAS. You would need to speak to the universities themselves to ask if you can send them an amended version directly.

What should I do if I am changing any of the qualifications I am taking for example A level to AS?

Notify UCAS and the universities and colleges as soon as possible.

What should I do if there is a significant change in my situation?

If you suffer a significant changes in your situation, for example serious ill health or bereavement, discuss it with your Tutor or the CIO who will consider if it is likely to affect your performance and will contact the universities if appropriate. Do not wait until the exam results are published.