We are moving to London. What must I do to enrol my child in your school?

Enrollments take place between December and August for a September start. They are to be completed exclusively online, on our website. All information pertaining to enrollments is available on our website: enrollment procedures. If you are moving to London during the school year, please contact Pupils’ Office:, which will inform you of the process to be followed. What procedure must I follow to enroll my children in your school? Enrollments in the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle are done exclusively online:

1.When the enrolment period starts, complete the online enrolment request form.
2. Following an Admissions Board meeting you will receive an eligibility e-mail.
3. If your child is eligible, you will have to send us a file of supporting documents by email only. If your file is complete and in order to validate the enrollment, you will need to pay the “first enrollment fees” (£1200 for start of the school year.)

Unfortunately we are not able to grant all enrollment requests.

What are the admission criteria for the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle?

All enrolment requests are examined during an Admissions Board meeting. During this meeting, very strict criteria are observed. Download the admissions criteria in order of priority

Where in London is your school located?

We encourage you to visit the following web page: Useful information Our locations

If my children are French nationals, can they automatically get a place at the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle?

French children do not necessarily have priority. On the other hand, children who were previously enroled in the international network of French schools (and in particular AEFE schools have priority over schools in France) have priority over children coming from another school system.

Should I contact the primary school Headmaster or the Headteacher to support my chances or to ask for an appointment?

No, there is no point in writing a letter to the Headmaster or the Headteacher or to request an appointment. The online enrolment request is sufficient for the request to be taken into account during the Admissions Board meeting.

Can I make two enrolment requests in the two of the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle’s primary schools?

No, that it impossible. You must choose the school that you prefer and select it during your enrolment request. If it is impossible to grant your initial request and a place is available in another school, you will automatically be offered it.

If I am not granted a place after the 1st Admissions Board meeting, should I sign up for the next one? Or for next year?

An enrolment request is valid for the September start of any given school year (this means that it is unnecessary to reiterate your request before the following Admissions Board meeting: your request will automatically be taken into account at each Admissions Board meeting). However, if your request is not granted in May or June, you must renew your request through a process which will be detailed in your rejection e-mail. You will need to reiterate your request from one school year to the next.

In which primary school do I stand the best chance of getting a place?

We cannot answer this question in advance. However we have noticed that South Kensington primary is generally the most sought after school because it allows families to gather all their children (the ones in primary school as well as the ones in secondary school) on the same site. For the same reason, Marie d’Orliac primary school is also in high demand, being so close to South Kensington. André Malraux primary school, in the more distant London neighborhood of Ealing, is the school with the most places on offer, especially in Year 2. But André Malraux is not in a position to grant all requests for other levels either. Wix primary school, in the neighbourhood of Clapham, south of the River Thames, is very much in demand as well.

What are the differences between classic and bilingual educational tracks in primary school?

As far as Wix and Marie d’Orliac primary schools are concerned, the “classic” educational track contains the same type of lessons as a typical school in France: a French school teacher, lessons in French and 3 or 4 hours of English per week. The bilingual educational track offers teachings in which the 2 languages are taught on the basis of scrupulous parity, by a French teacher and a British teacher. Classes are composed of 14 pupils who have enroled in the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle, and 14 pupils who have enroled in (the English) Wix Primary School (for the Lycée’s Wix primary school branch) or in Holy Cross Primary School (for Marie d’Orliac primary school). This system is in conformity with both the French and the English curricula, and offers pupils a totally bilingual environment.

How do I go about enroling my child in the bilingual section in either Wix primary school or Marie d’Orliac?

The process is the same one as for the other levels. You simply need to select “bilingual” as your requested level when you fill in your admissions form.

Does the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle enrol pupils who come from the English system?

Yes, we do enrol pupils who come from the British education system as well as those from any other education system. For these pupils, a French and a Maths test are mandatory in order to verify their competencies and determine which Year group they will join. However, considering the priority order of the admissions criteria, you should be aware that pupils coming from the French system will have priority over those from the British or other systems.

Does the Lycée take pupils’ academic ability into account when considering an enrolment request?

The Lycée takes into account the pupil’s knowledge insofar as it must meet the standards required for a given Year group, as determined by the French Ministry for Education. But we do not take pupils’ excellence into account. All pupils have exactly the same chances of enroling in our school, regardless of their school reports or the reputation of the school they are coming from.

Can I request a tour of your school?

All the families who would like to enrol their child cannot be welcomed individually for a tour of the South Kensington site and of its primary schools. However, the primary schools regularly organise group visits of their schools:

– South Kensington Primary school: a presentation will be organised at the end of June or beginning of July.

– André Malraux Primary school: every year in March, the Headteacher organises an open doors morning to inform the public on how the school operates. The date is announced on our website.

– Marie d’Orliac primary school: the Headteacher regularly offers parents open-doors events for all, provided they sign up in advance. Dates for these events are announced on our website.

– Wix primary school: the Headteacher regularly organises open-doors events to inform the public on how the school operates. The dates of these events are announced on our website.

Also, to find out more about our 4 primary schools, please read the presentation on our website.

My child is 2 years old and I would like to enroll him/her to start school in two years. What should I do?

The Lycée does not accept enrollment requests several years in advance. Enrollments take place in December for a September start . You must therefore wait until your child has the required age to make an enrollment request.

My child is 5 years old and has not been accepted in any French school in London? How can I get him/her in school?

We would advise that you consider enrolling your child in the English system. To do this, you must contact your local Borough to get a place in a state school and/or search for a private school in a directory such as “the Good School Guide”. Your child will be able to learn French in one of the many “little Saturday morning schools” (FLAM programme) in London, or get a French education via the C.N.E.D. You will find useful information on websites such as “Mamans à Londres” or “Avenue des Ecoles”.

Are the Collège Bilingue Français de Londres CFBL and the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle distinct?

Yes they are, they are two different schools which are not run by the same people. However, they work in partnership on certain projects.

Is it possible to come to London for one year and enrol in the Lycée?

Considering the extreme pressure on admissions to the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle, only pupils with at least one parent who is currently living or shortly settling in London, can apply for a place. However the French Ministry for Education grants merit scholarships to a few Year 11 and Sixth Form pupils who are then placed into English host families with our assistance. Applications for those scholarships are to be sent to the 'rectorat' of the place where the pupil (currently in 2e or 1e) is going to school in France (more precisely to the 'Délégué Académique aux Relations Européennes Internationales et à la Coopération (DAREIC)'. Apart from such pupils who are recipients of these scholarships, pupils cannot enrol unless at least one of their parents is actually living in London or its close suburbs.

I applied for a specific primary school but was offered a place in a different location (one of CDG branches). If a place became available in the school I initially applied for could I request for a transfer before the beginning of the school year?

Once an offered place has been accepted and confirmed by the family no transfer is possible before the start of the school year. All transfer requests, between CDG schools', take place at some point during the year (usually December/January) for the following September.