Maths Club


Who? Maths Club is open to everyone and its goal is to introduce students to topics in mathematics not generally covered in the school curriculum.

Where? Every Tuesday at 11.50am in room 914

What? Mathematical puzzles will be explored by introducing students to a variety of themes such as mathematical modelling, statistics, geometry, game theory, mathematical magic tricks and more. All college and lycee students are welcome to attend (and may bring their lunch with them).

Please see the Maths Club website for weekly posts and more information.

The idea of the Lycee Maths Club has grown out of a volunteer project which many Lycee teachers and students have been involved with throughout Africa. Mrs Fleming, Mrs DeSilva, Ms Fletcher and Mr Goodman have travelled to Africa over the past few summers to help organise and run week-long summer Maths Camps (in Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia and Tanzania) where local students are presented with non-curricular mathematics with the aim of promoting mathematical education, raising educational aspirations and breaking the paradigm of mathematics as a difficult or non-appealing subject. For further information please visit or contact Mr Goodman ( or Mrs Fleming (