Bronze practice expedition in Kent

On March 2nd and 3rd, our Duke of Edinburgh Bronze students went on a practice expedition in Kent, Orpington and St Mary's Clay.
Here is what Ben Bullen, expedition organizer from Ben Bullen Adventures Ltd., told us about the trip:
"On the walk students were excellent. They looked after themselves and others in their team really well. There were a few instances when some leaders had to talk to their groups about safety (teenagers messing about and not thinking about the fact they were by a road in icy conditions). Although we planned for them to be in by 2 PM some groups didn't get in until about 2.30 PM but all were in good spirits and we missed the downpour of snow on Friday afternoon.
They all cooked in groups outside at some tables we set up to keep them out of the snow.
Bed time was a challenge but not many people could get 90 teenagers in the same room to be quiet and go to sleep at a reasonable hour! They went quiet and slept until 6.50 AM when the lights in the hall were turned on!
Day two was also a good day. Leaders took different approaches to the day according to their groups. Two leaders walked the whole day with their groups. The rest met their groups at set checkpoints. This allowed groups to get lost but get themselves back on track. The final group got to Orpington Station at 2.30 PM.
I'm really proud of the students. I think they did exceptionally well in the circumstances. I've had a large number of emails from thankful parents after the expedition. I would definitely do it again if we were in the same situation.
There is an added challenge for the students that they didn't carry rucksacks and they didn't camp on the practice but I think they'll cope fine."
The qualifying expedition will take place on March 23rd and 24th.