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In Year 10 (3GCSE) students begin a two-year course to GCSE or IGCSE.  At the beginning of Year 11 (2GCSE) most students reduce to a programme of 9 subjects, although a minority continue with 10. The examinations are taken at the end of the course. Students are fully prepared for final examinations by their teachers, many of whom are examiners or chief examiners for the various examination boards. Field trips are organised to support the learning in the classroom, especially in Art, History and Geography. Computer programming is taught to all students in Year 10 and is an option in subsequent years. French and P.E. are compulsory in all years.

·         Advanced level or A level subjects which act as a passport into British universities, consist of two separate examinations. AS levels comprising 2 or 3 units per subject are taken at the end of Year 12 (PAL) and the A level is taken with two or three units at the end of Year 13 (TAL).  In Year 12 (PAL) students study 5 subjects, with most reducing to 4 in Year 13 (TAL).

In recognition of our unique situation as part of a French school all students take IGCSE (for native speakers), AS and A level in French.


♦ Planning for the end of year in the British Section – 2016/2017 




British Section - Writing test : three past papers are now available (level 4e):

2016 Test for entry in 3GCSE

2015 Test for entry in 3GCSE

2014 Test for entry in 3GCSE


GCE - A Level course

Welcome to our A level : presentation

   AS & A2 subjects 2016-2017 - For PAL and TAL

British for Top School for its GCE & GCSE results :


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French course in the British Section




Students are assessed by teachers awarding a mark out of 20, although they also provide detailed oral and written feedback on work using examination board assessment schemes.  A termly report is issued to parents which contains comments for improvement. A “Conseil de Classe” or meeting of teachers, each term, decides on a collective comment for each student. Parents have access to the subject assessments on the school Pronote intranet. The programme is presented at the start of term and parents meet individually with teachers at the end of the first term.

There are end of Year examinations in Year 10 (3eGCSE). In Year 11 (2eGCSE), Year 12 (PAL) and Year 13 (TAL) there are external GCSE/IGCSE and AS/A level examinations as well as mock examinations in the spring term.


Summer 2017 GCE-GCSE exam timetable




French IGCSE
Italian IGCSE *
Spanish IGSCE
Russian *
Arabic *
Biology IGCSE
Chemistry IGCSE
Physics IGCSE
♦ Latin
 * offered subject to sufficient class size
♦ offered as a group lesson privately with an external teacher


French (compulsory)    Spanish *     Italian *       ♦ Latin
Art *
History of Art *
English Literature *
Further Mathematics
Geography *
Government & Politics *
History *
* These subjects are 2 year courses, so students do not sit AS Level at the end of PAL.
♦ offered as a group lesson privately with an external teacher.