Students are assessed by teachers awarding a mark out of 20, although they also provide detailed oral and written feedback on work using examination board assessment schemes. A termly report is issued to parents which contains comments for improvement. A “Conseil de Classe” or meeting of teachers, each term, decides on a collective comment for each student. Parents have access to the subject assessments on the school Pronote intranet. The programme is presented at the start of term and parents meet individually with teachers at the end of the first term.

There are end of Year examinations in Year 10 (3eGCSE). In Year 11 (2eGCSE), Year 12 (PAL) and Year 13 (TAL) there are external GCSE/IGCSE and AS/A-level examinations as well as mock examinations in the spring term.




9th - 12th January: TAL Mock A Level exams (including PAL French)
15th - 19th January: 2GCSE Mock exams
29th May - 1st June: PAL internal end of year exams