Visit of the Bloomberg Studios

On Tuesday 13 November 2018, our Lycée students went to the Bloomberg studios in London to visit Francine Lacqua,  journalist, television anchor, editor-at-large and alumni of the LFCG. Francine and her team reserved a warm welcome for the students who were amazed to discover the behind the scenes of the business news channel. After a tour of the premises and studio with a Bloomberg member while Francine was on air, the students joined the presenter on the "Bloomberg Surveillance" TV set and shared a great moment. All were very curious and asked many questions.
In turns, they met with different members of the Bloomberg's team who were very happy to explain their jobs to them. The students enjoyed an interesting overview of each function: they learned how to point and move the camera, record the sound and adjust the volume, read the prompter from the presenter's seat... 
Thank you to the Association des Anciens du Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle (Alumni) who organised this afternoon and gave this incredible opportunity to our students. Many thanks to Francine Lacqua and every member of her team for their hospitality and kindness.