Against discriminations Week

We are all part of a very diverse and cosmopolitan school. Despite this, people are discriminated against, and more often than not students unwittingly offend others with words and gestures that they consider normal. We want to bring these acts to light and make students and teachers alike think about what they do. Tolerance is key to peaceful coexistence, and we feel that tolerance can be achieved through conversation. For this reason we have decided not to do a project that is limited to conferences. Instead, we want to truly build the whole event around those of you who will attend, so that then you can take matters into your own hands and promote tolerance. We are hoping that the different events that we have planned - ranging from classroom presentations to cultural, musical and sporting activities - will make this week a success, and truly help evolve different attitudes and modes of thought. 

The Anti-Discrimination Week will start on the 27th of April and end on the 1st of May 2015. There is a very rich and diverse program as you will be able to tell:

Monday 27th:


Tuesday 28th:

• Improv-Theatre: different theatrical interventions will take place around the school, to raise awareness in an original and entertaining way. 

• Class presentations by the charity: Le Refuge 

• Debate, exclusively for school staff (Salle Iselin, 6:15 pm)

Wednesday 29th:

• Surprise at 10:35 am  (Cour du Collège)

• Charity fair from 9 am to 5:30 pm (Cour Section Britannique) with stands from :

Le Refuge : having followed the example of an English charity based in Manchester, Le Refuge’s main purpose is to take in young homosexuals who have been rejected from their family homes because of their sexual orientation. They offer social and psychological support to these young people. They also focus on prevention of homophobia, which is why they make so many presentations to students, teachers and social workers. This charity is approved by the Ministère de l'Éducation Nationale.

Osez Le Féminisme ! : is a charity which was created fairly recently by a group of young people who work towards equality between men and women. On top of fighting against more obvious issues like domestic violence, they have also developed a range of vocal defences against normalised, everyday sexism. 

Coexister : created in 2009, this charity promotes coexistence. In 2011, five young people (a muslim, a jew, a christian, an agnostic and an atheist) travelled around the world to create an interfaith conversation. During their trip they met a lot of religious, governmental and international officials to spread their slogan: « Diversité dans la foi, Unité dans l’action » ("Diversity in faith, unity in action"). On the 10th March 2015, they received a prize from the president of France for their show "La France s’engage”.

Handicap ou Pas Cap ?! : created by a young woman, this charity aims to deconstruct the prejudice that surrounds disability. She questions the normalisation of such prejudice through cultural and artistic activities.This charity has traction worldwide, and its slogan is « L’expression est le propre de chaque être humain, alors profitons de cet atout pour échanger» ("Expression belongs to every human being, so let's share and exchange it").

Ligue des Droits de l'Homme : created in 1898 to defend an innocent man, Alfred Dreyfus, the LDH fights a variety of social battles. Ranging from racism and antisemitism to fundamental rights and democracy, this charity plays a big part in the history of France. The LDH is currently leading many different campaigns, and often speaks to schools. This charity is approved by the Ministère de l'Éducation Nationale. 

GRAVE (Group Religion Age Visual Prejudice and Ethnicity) : this is a group of students who come from Pimlico Academy. They have created a system permitting them to fight against discriminations during the whole year at their school. However they still want to get their message out to as many people as possible.

CVL and organising committee  : armed with flyers and a survey, the students who are organising this whole event are going to go talk to their fellow students. Badges made specially for the occasion will be given out in exchange for a donation. Cakes and coffee will be provided. 

• Debate conference : 

The main speaker will be Frederic Gal, the Director of Le Refuge, an association that accommodates young gays who have been rejected from their family home. It also provides training in the prevention of homophobia. The other charities who were present at the fair will also have the chance to present what they do. We will end the evening by starting a debate so that we can speak about homophobia and other topics.

Salle Iselin (6:15 pm  - 8pm)
This is open to the students, parents and teachers.

If you would like to attend please sign up here :

Thursday 30th

• Class presentations by OLF, Coexister, LFH and Handicap ou Pas Cap?!.

(16 pm  - 8pm)

There are two criteria to form a team of 6 people: 

• Basketball tournament against discrimination 

1.The teams must be equally mixed (3 girls and 3 boys)

2. The teams must include collegiens and lycéens

You can sign up at the Vies Scolaires.

Friday 1st:

Paul Don Smith is a street artist from East London who will come to the Lycée to create a work against discrimination. As well as painting the Anti-Discrimination Week's logo on a giant canvas, he will paint figures who are famous for their fight against discrimination. There will also be blank space on the canvas so that the students can leave a message against discrimination. This will go on all day in the cour du college and cour du primaire.

• Exprime toi contre les discriminations ! 

The committee is organising an evening against discrimination to end the week. Through different media, students will take turns to come on stage to express themselves against discrimination. There will be music, dance and spoken word!

Salle Iselin (6:15-8:30 pm)

This event is open to staff, students and parents.

Don't forget to sign up here:

If you have any questions do not hesitate to email

From the organising committee of the week against discrimination. 


------------------------------------ NEWS ENGLISH  -----------------------------------------

The anti-discrimination week committee invites you to an evening of “EXPRESS YOURSELF AGAINST DISCRIMINATION!”

This evening will be the event that concludes the project in a positive and artistic way!

Dance, music, slam, rap, stand-up, theatre and poetry are but a few of the possible forms that students
will use. There is but one goal: to express oneself against discrimination to promote tolerance and coexistence.

From 6eme to Terminale, Salle Iselin will host two hours’ worth of explosive performances. So don’t hesitate to support your classmates or your children and see them express
themselves against discrimination!

Salle Iselin - 18h15
Mercredi 29 avril 2015

Mandatory sign-up :

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at