3e International Section English Literature research project for DNB-I begins

Site de South Kensington

3e students have been researching the life and times of King Henry Vth as part of their Brevet International portfolio preparation for oral examinations this year. Students must compile 10 texts and use these for a presentation and discussion with an examiner. Mrs Giles', Mrs Thomason's and Mr Kelly's classes each had a library research lesson this week to launch students into what promises to be an exciting and culturally rich literary and historical journey around Shakespeare's presentation of his queen's ancestor. 

Was Henry Vth a ruthless warmonger who broke with the 'law of arms' when he slaughtered French prisoners? Or did the French King Charles push the English into this by needlessly killing young boys at Agincourt? Is Shakespeare's play history or propaganda? These and other questions will drive the portfolio research, leading to well-prepared exam presentations in May.
3e students were warmly greeted by librarians who prepared a wealth of materials to help them along on their research journey. We would like to thank Mrs Pariente, Mrs Attwell, Mrs De Raucourt and Mrs Daniels for their ongoing support.