2017 ISSA VOLLEYBALL: Full report!



This year's ISSA Volleyball Tournament (Nov 9-11th) was held at the American School, Cobham, an excellent facility for the 8 participating teams. 

On the first day after winning their first two games 2-0 they had a really close game against the American School Egham which the Lycée narrowly won 2-1. Each member of the 10 strong squad contributed to the success in winning their next 4 games without conceding a set to reach the final where they would meet Egham again. In the first set in the final it was very close throughout with Egham just gaining the advantage 27-25! They increased this by winning the second set and prompting a reaction from the Lycée boys to fight hard to successfully win the 3rd set.
Unfortunately perhaps the pressure or fatigue meant the Lycée were unable to force a deciding set and finished 'Runners-up' losing 3 sets to 1. The whole squad were naturally disappointed but were a credit to the school, producing some outstanding volleyball in the tournament. The experience was a valuable and an enjoyable one as they hosted a boys team from Lisbon.
Thank you to the families who hosted and who came to support and to Mr A.Middleton, my colleague, for organising an excellent tournament.
The team received a trophy and individual mementos and 3 boys were selected for the 'All Star Tournament Team' chosen from 80 boys.
S. Doohan
Quentin BONNAVION             TES1
 Matthieu RIBERT                    TES1      
 Cyprien DUMONT                   TES1
Gregoire VAN den ABEELE    TS5
Luc PINTON                            TS5
Alexis BOISSEL                       2e2
Pierre HUTEAU                        2e4  
Leopold de MAIGRET              2e1    
 Maxim MOUNIER                     2e3  
 Paul RODRIGUEZ                    2e6
Lycée Francais     v     St.Dominic's School Lisbon          WON 2-0
                             v     American School Madrid              WON 2-0
                             v     American School Egham              WON 2-1
                             v     International School Aberdeen     WON 2-0
                             v     International School London         WON 2-0
                             v     Southbank International               WON 2-0
                             v     German School London               WON 2-0
FINAL                   v     American School Egham             LOST 3-1
Jeudi 09/11:

Perdu contre Madrid  0-2

Gagné contre Egham  2-1

Perdu contre Aberdeen 0-2


Vendredi 10/11:


Gagné contre Southbank 2-0

Perdu contre ISLondon 0-2

Perdu contre Blis (Ankara) 0-2


Samedi 11/11: 


Gagné contre Southbank 2-0

Perdu contre Egham 2-0


Classement final :


1er : Madrid

       2e : DSL

       3e : ISL

         4e : Marymount

         5e : Aberdeen

6e : Blis 

         7e : Egham

     8e : Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle

     9e : St Dominic's (Lisbon)  

    10e : Southbank


Les filles ont eu un comportement exemplaire représentant le Lycée sur le terrain et en dehors.


Équipe : Indigo Gibbons, Rose Meggle, Josephine Bonvarlet, Ariane Derrien, Emma Huteau, Coline Ritz, Pauline Fau, Marie Michot, Eva Kennedy et Justine Amic


M.Sallet et L.Bello